Cleaning FUD and FXD parts that are designed to "move" after printing

   With FUD and FXD prints, the designer is permitted to design minimum clearance between parts, 0.051mm to be exact.  The printing process prints wax in this space to prevent the parts from becoming fused during the post-printing process.  I use 0.065mm to be absolutely certain that the parts will articulate once the consumer receives and cleans the parts.  Keep in mind that the pin or hole may still be quire small and delicate.  My bridge shoes are my first example of this type of articulating design and I plan to expand the envelope for this type of mechanism:

Image by Ed Kapuscinski

  Designs of this nature require a different cleaning care than solid, non-articulating parts. With these parts, soaking in Bestine may or may not clean out the joint well enough and cause binding. What I like to do is during the soak and while the parts is still immersed, I wear some latex gloves and I gently attempt to articulate the joint that is supposed to move under the fluid.  I do not force the movement on the first try, rather I allow it so soak a little longer, gently reattempting every half hour until I can get the parts to move.  Be patient and take your time.  eventually it will dislodge and allow the movement to occur.

John LeMerise