N Scale PRR Class 2E-F2 100 Ton "Crown" Freight Truck 8 PK

Image of CAD model by Keystone Details

This N Scale 8 pack of PRR Class 2E-F2 100 ton "Crown" freight trucks were used on the following PRR freight car classes; F25, F25b, G22, G22a, H21a, H21b, H25, H22a, FN, and FNa.

These trucks are designed for the 0.540" x 33' wheelsets of your choice. Some light cleaning by hand in the axle point pockets with a Dremel 105 engraving bit after print cleaning may be required for smooth rolling characteristics. A Micro-Trains bolster pin will fit the bolster hole in the truck for mounting under your model.

John LeMerise