N Scale PRR 3768 Raymond Loewy Streamlined K4 Conversion Kit for Bachmann Chassis

Image of unpainted work in progress model by Keystone Details

Keystone Details announces its first N Scale locomotive conversion kit, the PRR 3768 Raymond Loewy designed streamlined K4 boiler and tender conversion to fit the Bachmann K4 which is not included.

After three years of intensive design work and testing, the kit will be availablefor sale on August 12th 2017.  Please use the Contact Us button below for pricing and availability, and includes all shipping (see below). International shipping is extra and invoiced separately.

3D Printed shells, etched details and a fully engineered tender chassis take the Bachmann K4 to the next level of Pennsy passenger power.  Make no mistake, this is a craftsman level kit and will produce a one of a kind model for the PRR enthusiast!

Some design innovations, stainless steel striping per the design, etched stainless Steel PRR boiler nose wing wrap, reuse of OEM electronics in a completely new tender design, pivoting tender cistern doors, etched tender vents, boiler-integrated piston rod slides, and highly detailed tender coaling doors and boiler backhead.

The kit includes everything you need except paint and some additional parts to complete the model. 

Keystone Details, upon receipt of payment will order the following parts listed below. 

Shipped from Shapeways to Keystone Details:

-FXD boiler and tender shells, tender trucks and details

-FUD tender under frame details, tender frame insulator and handrail bending tool

-Stainless Steel sintered metal tender frame, designed to reuse all of the Bachmann electronics, except the speaker

-BSF tender drawbar, speaker enclosure, and axle insulators

Keystone Details, upon receipt of the Shapeways parts and after proper FXD/FUD cleaning, will pack the above and ship the following additional parts to you:

-Stainless Steel etched detail fret

-Stainless Steel headlight housing

-Pre-Wired 0402 LED 

-1.5mm diameter X 1.5" long fiber optic strand

-3/32" diameter X 1/8" long shrink wrap tube

-3x 0.009" diameter X 6" long stainless steel wire for boiler grabs

-8 X 11mm Soberton speaker

-6x 36awg X 2" long wires for tender to circuit board connections

-4x tender truck cone axle electrical pickup etches

-12x FVM 33" X 0.540" wheelsets to make six tender axles

-2x 0.008" diameter X 2" long phosphor bronze wire for tender conduit

-Custom designed decal sheets are in process, may be delayed, and will be mailed separately.

Comprehensive, detailed photographic locomotive disassembly, modificationand kit assembly instructions will be available shortly after the kit is formally for sale, and of course Keystone Details will be available for consultation throughout your kit building experience.

Keystone Details- Where details make the difference!

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