N Scale Westinghouse Turbo Generator Flat Car Load

Model and photo by Joshua Surkosky

N Scale Westinghouse Turbo Generator kit. Designed to fit the only N Scale PRR flat car that could support its weight, the FD2, also know as "the Queen Mary". The design is a four piece kit designed to be assembled in only one way.  This is an iconic piece of PRR lore, ready to grace your Pennsy layout! This load is designed to fit onto www.nscalekits.com N Scale model of the PRR FD2 'Queen Mary' http://www.nscalekits.co.uk/FD2.html Available now - with T1 tender trucks to fit under the heavy duty car also available from Shapeways https://www.shapeways.com/model/1964262/prr-railroad-trucks-for-the-fd2-railcar-x4   

The N Scale Westinghouse Turbo Generator kit assembly instructions can be found here.

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