N Scale 8PK PRR Head and Backup Lights (4 each)

Photo by Keystone Details

This kit contains 4 headlights for the boiler and 4 backup lights for the tender of PRR stam locomotives.  Housings contain LED wire passages. Combine with the Keystone details Headlight Bracket, shown but not included, to mount to a Minitrix Boiler shell. Also not included in this set is the PRR Steam Generator and Deflector Kit, sold separately.

Note: Wire passages will require clearing with a soft brass wire or similar pushed through them to clear out any remaining wax plugging the passage. Pre-wired 0402 to fit can be fouond at this recommeded eBay dealer: http://www.ebay.com/itm/10x-LED-0402-SUNNY-WHITE-WEISS-Lok-Laterne-Licht-Birne-warm-Cu-Draht-copper-wire-/322088634126?hash=item4afdfa870e:g:YlsAAOSwubRXINSF