N Scale PRR B74b Roof and Door Kit for Micro Trains Horse Car

Model and Photo by Keystone Details

This kit consists of 1 snap in roof and 12 vents from Shapeways. An etched brass set of 6 side doors and 1 PRR style end door are included in the price. See images for etchings. Contact Keystone Details via Shapeways Private Message or at keystonedetails@gmail.com to confirm purchase and provide mailing information for the etched parts, shipped separately.

Instructions can be found here.

The side doors can be applied directly to the car as overlays or the original doors can be cut out and the new doors inserted for a more prototypical recessed look.  The end door is applied after shaving the original MT raised details smooth.  Car end center door is applied first in its recess, and end door applied over that.  Paint and decals are NOT INCLUDED in this kit.  It is recommended that MTL 003 02 205 PRR 3D-7P2 trucks be purchased separately and installed, although the OEM steps will have to be removed.