N Scale SP Class P, MT, GS, F, Cast Pilot

Image of CAD model by Keystone Details

Image of CAD model by Keystone Details

This N scale pilot is designed for the modeler to fit this cast pilot printing to Southern Pacific Class P, MT, GS, & F steam locomotives.

The pilot is designed to allow both a Micro-Trains True Scale Coupler or a 1015 coupler to slide into the pilot from the rear of the and snap into place (trip pin must be removed first on the 1015).  A 00-90 screw can be added if desired but drilling and tapping will be required.  Brake line details must be added by the modeler.

The printing provides holes for short Gold Metal Models (or equivalent) stanchions for modeler-fashioned cut levers and hand grabs.

n scaleJohn LeMerise