Image by Keystone Details

DISCONTINUED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: Keystone Details and KV Models are introducing a jointly designed Stillwell commuter coach craftsman kit with ordering starting on December 18th.  

The car can negotiate a 9.5" radius using body mounted couplers.

Image shows assembled model and a seat and bathroom kit that is not included but available separately.

The price is $60 USD per kit , plus flat rate shipping in the U.S. (actual shipping rate outside the U.S.) using the "Click here to Order" link below.

NOTE: It will take approximately one month to receive the kit(s).

How this process works:

-Keystone Details will contact you after you submit a request, arrange payment and once payment is received, will order the Shapeways parts.  While the parts are printing, we will order etched fret(s) from KV Models.

-KV Models will supply the stainless etched fret(s) to Keystone Details, including layered sides and end wall doors which will then be added to the kit.

- Keystone Details will include the stainless etched fret(s), and then ship the kit(s) along with the core shell, roof, truck frames and various detail bits.

What is not included that the customer will need purchase to complete the kit:
- FVM (FVM 3602, fine tread or FVM 3610, wide tread) or equivalent 36" x 0.553" wheel sets (the trucks are designed for these dimensions)

- 0.010" x 0.020" styrene strip (Evergreen 100) for the roof drip edges

- 0.005" thick clear styrene sheets (Evergreen 9005) for the side glazing and door glazing

- 0.032' thick x 1/2' x 12' brass flat strip (K&S 8241, 1 strip will do two cars)

- Two Micro-trains 1015 couplers 

- Two Micro-Trains bolster pins

***STILL AVAILABLE: Decals that can be used on this car are now available from Prime Mover Model Railroad Decals here.

The kit includes a core, stainless steel etched, layered sides, etched end doors, truck frames, roof and separately applied steps with body mount coupler pockets, underframe and roof vent details.

Assembly instructions will be emailed separately.

An interior detailing kit will be available separately from Keystone Details. This kit includes finely detailed seats and bathroom stall and MUST be installed before the roof is added to the car. Shapeways price is $11 USD per seat kit and can be purchased here.